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Ladybird Books Reimagined: This exhibition was the culmination of a six-month project in which illustrators, animators and graphic designers from London College of Communication have created work that reimagines Ladybird's classic pocket-sized books for the brand's centenary.


The Ladybird Web was a collaborative project with two classmates Wajeeha Abbasi and Chandr Chandrvirochana. It is an interactive game that connects the Ladybird Book imagery with contemporary and comparative illustrations. With fifty illustrations from the Ladybird world and fifty modern world illustrations created, the game involved matching the pairs with colourful strings and thus creating an analogue 'Web', making Ladybird Books an old age search engine.


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Postcard Prints on Wooden Panels

Connected by elastic strings

Year 2015


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Exhibition Prize for Outstanding Installation and Exhibition Response for the LadyBird Publishers.


Ladybird Books Reimagined


The Elephant Magazine


Ladybird Books Re-Imagined : London Design Festival

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