Stone Papers by Kyoorius

Illustrations for 'Stone Papers' by Kyoorius. A new range of fire-proof, water-proof and bug-resistant papers, which are soft and tough at the same time.


Metamorphosis : Metamorphosis is the process of transformation. This illustration depicts the natural transformation of the tough and sturdy fruits (pineapple) from soft and delicate flowers.


Soft story, Tough moral : The hare and the tortoise is a well - known tale that teaches that slow and steady wins the race, while it also explains that the strong and determined tortoise earns the perks (here the ice cream) in life, while the meek and lazy hare lags behind.


Digital Prints

29.7 x 42 cms

Year 2013


Awards & Features


Red Elephant winner in the Illustration Category - Kyoorius Student Awards 2013



Soft Story, Tough Moral

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